But how is sparkling wine made?

The quality of the Traditional method and the practicality of the Charmat method.

Impossible for them to coexist? Not at all!

Cavalzani Inox from Calenzano (Florence) combined them in an innovative sparkling wine production process, creating the Spark method, presented in June 2009 at the Poggio Capponi farm, the first company to experiment with it with truly exceptional results.

The basic idea behind the Spark method comes from the analysis of the advantages related to the two methods in use, traditional Classic and Charmat, to combine the possible optimizations in a single process.

The sparkling wine is then made through the refermentation of the wine charged with yeasts, which metabolize the sugars added in a contained atmosphere, with the retention of the carbon dioxide produced by the metabolism. The foaming takes place in small, 44 litre stainless steel vats tested under pressure, with an overall weight at full load of approximately 50 kg.

The vats are equipped with a safety valve and compensation for the gas, a tapping valve, and a special patented system that allows the evacuation of the deposit in the “evacuation” chamber, facilitating movement for expulsion of the sediment.

The “evacuation” valve also allows the disgorgement and subsequent emission of the liqueur d’expedition, typical of the Traditional method. The size of the vat is ideal to obtain greater product uniformity and more satisfactory quality even with the use of lower quality grapes.

Plus, the steel allows the product to mature even in lighted environments, thus facilitating processing, which is easier even regarding the size and awkwardness of the containers themselves. Once the fermentation and refining process is complete, the product can be sent for bottling, even far away, without any trauma, but it can also be sent for immediate consumption using the container as a barrel to be served from a tap.

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