birIn July 2015, the BI.R. project was completed, an ambitious program that has combined skills, technical know-how and research to develop more and more advanced production technologies and green.
The primary objective of the BIR project was to increase the share of energy produced from renewable sources in Tuscany through the development and prototyping of methane enrichment facilities in landfill biogas to be used efficiently (or effectively) in combustion engines For the production of electricity.

The experimental research activities have focused on innovating the landfill enrichment facilities. Static and dynamic reactors have been developed and built for laboratory scale tests that have enabled the research team to define the final configuration of the plant on a real scale.

Results :
The project’s results were very positive: the static reactor enriches the gas initially containing 20-30% by volume of methane until it reaches 40% and is thus usable for energy production. For this purpose the process uses a ton of slag to treat about 20-25 Nm3 of incoming biogas.

Innovation :
bir Gas enrichment has been achieved thanks to an innovative technology that greatly enhances the carbonation process at the base of the enrichment process.

The reactor developed with the BI.R. project Allows the enrichment of the methane component of biogas by using a chemical absorption process of carbon dioxide on calcium-rich solid residues – for example, incinerator slags, steel scrap or other suitable residues – leading to the formation of carbonate Of calcium and is commonly referred to as carbonation. At the same time as carbon dioxide capture, it has been verified, using waste combustion waste, that even sulfuric acid is practically eliminated from biogas.

Environmental Impact :
In addition to the two main effects of enrichment of methane content and reduction of the presence of sulfuric acid, the process offers two additional benefits: the quality of solid residues used is improved in terms of reducing the disposal of metals; The carbon dioxide extracted from biogas is permanently captured and stored in the solid residues themselves.

Business Development :
Among the positive effects of the BI.R. project There is the consolidation of the advanced regional mechanics sector and in particular of renewable energy technologies. The achievement of the project objectives has been achieved thanks to the close collaboration between the mechanical industry and regional research bodies capable of generating innovation and the development of professional skills.

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