Large oil storage

The storage of fatty vegetable oils (first of all, that of olive oil) is without doubt one of the reference sectors of the Cavalzani, which for nearly half a century has built up systems and systems to serve the needs of customers operating In this area.

However, one of the effects of the energy crisis and the consequent rise in fuel prices has been the search for alternative fuels; And one of the ways to get rid of dependence on fossil fuels is undoubtedly that of combustible oils (palm oil, sunflower, rape, soy, jatropha).

Today, Cavalzani manufactures many types of tanks for the storage of oils (food rather than fuel), made of stainless steel or carbon steel, depending on the customer’s needs and the intended use of the product. These tanks, which often reach capacities over hundreds of cubic meters, are built on site by teams of skilled workers who, thanks to their experience and innovative mounting techniques, are sure to ensure a successful workflow.

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